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Generational Approach to Financial Health




FHI-U and More!

Private Consulting Sessions


Annual Review


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Financial Planner


Free up your Time!

Saving $100,000 is simpler than you think!
You are about to learn how to beat the system
the old-fashioned way!

Join the revolution!

Welcome to the next level of financial health, where each person in the family - adults and young people - will be on track to save up $100,000.

Generational, Generous, Genius ... Your legacy is about to change! 

What are Clients Saying?

"I like watching my kids process whether to spend or save.  The incentives built into the Financial HEIRs program really helps them connect with their future." -- Eric, parent

"Financial HEIRs gives a family in any financial situation the ability to implement an easy and creative plan for saving and spending long into their future!" -- Mary, grandparent

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Life Cycle

  • Create a free account here

  • Take some classes

    • Free or Paid​

  • Sign up for an Annual Review

    • If you hire an accountant for $300 a year, then hire us to help with your monthly decision making​

  • Inspire your HEIRs to live off their investment interest

    • We help you!

    • Join Alumni Inner Circle for friends!

  • Each person saves up $100,000

  • Hire a Certified Financial Planner to manage your $


Evan Liberman, CEO
Wise Money Israel
Investment Management

I’ve known and worked with Paul since 2016. I have also developed a friendship on a number of levels, and really appreciate his generosity, his understanding of finance, and ability to grasp and explain complex topics in simple terms. He is a solid family man who will enrich your understanding of how to inspire your children or grandchildren to create and maintain wealth in an ethical and disciplined way.

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