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Financial HEIRs uses a British model of teaching popularized by Oxford and Cambridge, where you can interact with the professor whenever you prefer.  Adults are presented a small amount of content, typically a 15-minute online video class.  Next you will try to implement a change.  At any point during the process, if you would like to interact with the professor, just schedule a question/answer tutorial.  Keep in mind that you can just watch the video and implement the simple principles if you find that more efficient.


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Private sessions with our instructors include the following benefits:

  • Answer your questions

  • Identify a good track for you and/or your family

  • Provide basic financial wisdom

  • Identify cracks in your financial foundation

  • Examine opportunities to change careers

  • Provide accountability

  • Set achievable goals to review at the next consultation

  • Inspire you, along with helping you inspire your HEIRs when they get discouraged

  • Give tips on how to conduct an Annual Review with your HEIRs

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