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Dr. Paul T. Blake


As the founder of Financial HEIRs International, Paul is an innovator who enjoys seeing young people on a healthy track in life

... which includes finances!


Raised by Mike Blake, an expert in personal finance, Paul had a great foundation.  In college, Paul developed a love for psychology, sociology, anthropology, and ethics ... while majoring in finance.


After college, Paul was broke and had some college debt.  He also discovered that he had no motivation or plan for his personal finances ... despite having an undergraduate degree in finance.  His desire to invest was non-existent, and his willingness to sacrifice for the long-term went out the door.  Each of these components has contributed to his passion to see young people mentored and motivated when it comes to their financial future. 

Today, Paul enjoys watching his kids and clients make ethical life choices, wise financial choices, and enjoy living without being too caught up into questions about money.

Paul is finalizing his dissertation for a Doctorate in Social Leadership, emphasis on Financial Parenting, from OGS.  His undergraduate degree in Finance is from Baylor, the 2021 national champions in men's basketball.  He also has a Doctorate in Ministry from TKU.

Paul is licensed under the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam (for the Series 65 license), along with certified under Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training.

His other adventures are recorded at his personal website.

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