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Million Dollar Decisions

Some of these are inserted into our free classes, but people often miss some of those classes.  Catch up here with the written version via our paid newsletter 


The Million Dollar Decisions newsletter for $10/month gets you on additional monthly email which describes a “life simulation game” you play with each of your HEIRs to help them navigate the 30 decisions they will make in real life that impact their finances positively or negatively up to one million dollars. My kids love this! This newsletter also includes our innovative "Free Money" parenting technique that has inspired young people into NEW habits that include strong work ethic, smart shopping, generosity, and a love for investing.

Topics Including

Free Money!

Lengthy descriptions of the Free Money plan that inspires young people to live off of their interest (Free Money).


How can my HEIR achieve their dream job?  With the rising cost of a degree, is college the right choice?  What are some options to get through debt free?  Should family's help pay for college?


How much do pets really cost?  What do young people expect regarding time commitments for pets?  


Let's be honest ... it's the engagement AND wedding AND honeymooon.  But if your child is with Financial HEIRs, they will be able to plan an ingenious path through this season of life and come out beautifully.

First Car?

How much does a car cost?  Is a car worth the extra expense?  Each family and child may see this differently, so we help you navigate the variables.

Practical Tips

What are the key strategies when it comes to implementing a savings account ... to help prevent the HEIR from wasting it?  These ingenious practical tips for any family help create a path forward.

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