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Free Classes

The free classes are a great way to discover brilliant insights on how to inspire your HEIRs.  The emphasis is definitely on parenting-grandparenting, more so than crunching numbers.

Bonus: Interviews of leaders from around the world, gathering their various tips for parents, grandparents, and young people.

Our classes are currently offered on Wednesdays.


To see further information on the class times, Zoom links, etc.

you will need to sign up for our e-Magazine here.

Genius Solutions: Introduction to Financial HEIRs

This class is designed for "first-timers."  You will discover some basics behind the Financial HEIRs model.  Currently available as an online audio class, you can take it anytime by clicking here.

Question & Answer

Each month we hold a Question-Answer time for 30 minutes.  Join us and bring a question that will help your family and other families!

Core Classes

Presently we offer 12 unique 60 minute classes - one per month.  Each allows time for new material along with your questions.


If you have a suggestion for a class, we would love to hear your ideas on what would help your family.  Just contact us with your ideas.

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