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Summary of Financial HEIRs

Your entire family – for generations to come – will benefit from basic tips with an ingenious flare.  Young people age 7-25 need to be inspired about their dream job before they are willing to make difficult choices about money.  If you have kids or grandkids age 7-25, then this newsletter will help you change our family's legacy!

After my parents trained me back in the 1980's to follow the "Dave Ramsey style" principles, their training never became part of my lifestyle.  So here is an ingenious solution that my kids LOVE ... a FUN way that actually inspires HEIRs to develop strong work ethic, smart shopping, generosity, and a love for investing. ​

We bring a message of hope. This whole lifestyle is much more achievable than most people think. Both you and your heirs will be surprised that your lifestyle may not have to radically shift from how you live now.  You can help your kids break the cycle of poverty or the cycle of middle-class!

The simplicity of the classes and newsletters also helps the reader recognize that all age groups will be able to grasp this message.  Using anthropology (the study of all mankind), the tips are simple enough for kids to easily understand ... because they are human just like us.

The classes and newsletters are short.  They are designed for parents who are busy, grandparents who are tired of filtering through the fluff, or young people curious about a wholistic perspective on generosity, money, and work.

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