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Summary of Financial HEIRs

FHI helps inspire each person in the family to save $100,000!  We help you develop a plan to fulfill your goals, whether …

  • Working at your dream job, even if it pays less

  • Launching a new business or charity

  • Funding a project you’re passionate about

Parents and grandparents can help establish a family culture of financial health, following our innovative FHI program where adults learn financial health first, plus how to inspire young people to live off their investment interest!  What are clients saying?

  • "Financial Heirs gives a family in any financial situation the ability to implement an easy and creative plan for saving and spending long into their future!" – Mary

  • "I like watching my kids process whether to spend or save.  The incentives built into the 'Financial HEIRs' program really helps them connect with their future." – Eric

We bring a message of hope.  Both you and your HEIRs will be surprised that your lifestyle may not have to radically shift from how you live now.

After being raised in the 1980's to follow the best advice for kids on personal finance, only a few parts of the training became part of my adult lifestyle.  So here is an ingenious solution that my kids LOVE ... a FUN way that actually inspires HEIRs to develop a strong work ethic, smart shopping skills, generosity, and an appreciation for investing.

Image by AbsolutVision


Our classes are based on the following ...

  • Inspiring people to save money, as investments can be unpredictable

  • Generosity is fun if _______

  • Keep it simple … for adults and youth who are not “numbers oriented”

  • Universal concepts that work cross-culturally

  • Compound interest is not complex math … but what motivates people to take advantage of it?

  • Inspiration toward living simply, yet reaching your dream

  • Raising HEIRs – Helpful-generous, Educated Spenders, Investors, Resilient workers

  • Customizable plans for young people to reach $120,000 in savings by age 25

  • Which “million dollar choices” will your HEIRs make?

  • Why don’t young people live off of their investment interest?

  • Ongoing support through a network of graduates who collaborate and stay on track, along with additional classes and private consultations catered to graduates

  • Creating a family culture

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