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Genius Tips on Financial Parenting and Grandparenting

Raising up Financial HEIRs




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Welcome to the next level of financial parenting
... inspiring your kids to essentially live off their interest.
It is simpler than you think.
We focus on helping you inspire them to do something! 
You are about to learn to be a genius parent-grandparent, raise a well-rounded HEIR, and beat the system!

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Step one is to listen to our FREE Intro Class here which provides an overview of Financial HEIRs, helping you get started toward creating a genius level legacy plan by inspiring your HEIRs to earn interest ... which we call "Free Money."

Step two is to sign up for our FREE e-Magazine to discover the best publication in the world on the subject of financial parenting.  We provide tips for your family, interview experts, etc. 

Our e-Magazine is the ONLY place to find the specific times for our FREE classes, Zoom links, announcements, etc. 

Monthly Class


For anyone new to our community

Dr. Paul T. Blake

Online - Anytime

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Monthly Class

Core Class

New Core class each month (12 total)

Dr. Paul T. Blake


Exact schedule is sent monthly in the e-Magazine

Monthly Class


Monthly question-answer session

Dr. Paul T. Blake


Exact schedule is sent monthly in the e-Magazine


Click here to read more about our classes.


About Financial HEIRs

Financial HEIRs helps adults around the world inspire young people toward financial brilliance.  We share tips that are applicable globally ... and easily understood by all ages.  We love to help you inspire young people age 7-21 into their dream job while also emphasizing ethics and generosity.  You will be shocked to find out how achievable these goals are for your HEIR ... picking a few "million dollar choices" now that will help them live out their dreams.

We help you raise up HEIRs!  What is an HEIR?  HEIR is an acronym for (H) Helpful-Generous, (E) Educated Spender, (I) Investor, and (R) Resilient Worker

You may be surprised when you hear about our goal for your HEIR to reach $120,000 in savings by age 25.  But you may also be shocked to see how achievable this goal is by applying our numerous Million Dollar Decisions.

Click here to read more about Financial HEIRs.

Support Financial HEIRs


There are several ways you can help support the effort to continue these FREE services to the world!

  • Invite other families to join

  • Give a tip here

  • Sign up for a Coaching Session here

  • Become a Member here

  • When your HEIR reaches $100,000 in savings, then sign them up with a Financial Planner that supports Financial HEIRs

Father and Son Playing


Evan Liberman
CEO Wise Money Israel
(Investment Management)

I’ve known and worked with Paul since 2016. I have also developed a friendship on a number of levels, and really appreciate his generosity, his understanding of finance and ability to grasp and explain complex topics in simple terms. He is a solid family man who will enrich your understanding of how to inspire your children or grandchildren to create and maintain wealth in an ethical and disciplined way.

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